Partner With Us. Together We’ll Build Better Antibodies.

RubrYc delivers novel, differentiated therapeutic candidates. Our unique approach to leverage the convergence of machine learning and computational biology results in drug candidates that: 

  • Are on-epitope and on-target.
  • Provide an attractive range of affinities.
  • Expand optionality with sequence and functional residue diversity.

RubrYc's Meso-scale Engineered Molecules (MEMs) recapulate conformations and dynamics of subdominant epitopes on target proteins. Epitopes matter, and RubrYc's MEM Programmed in vitro selections rapidly and routinely discover diverse panels of promising candidates binding prescribed epitopes.

We are a flexible partner and rely on this capability to drive biotherapeutic discovery campaigns that complement conventional drug discovery methods. Yet, with our differentiated approach we are actively driving campaigns against target families that have classically been considered 'undruggable' in antibody-based drug discovery.