Isaac J. Bright, MD

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bright is an entrepreneurial physician with a robust track-record building shareholder value and delivering transactional success for more than a decade. Following completion of his MD at Stanford University School of Medicine, Isaac served as Financial Analyst at CIBC World Markets in 2004. Dr. Bright was an esteemed Howard E. Mitchell Fellow, earning his MBA at The Wharton School between 2004-2006. Isaac Joined the Medtronic Corporate Development team in 2006, and quickly progressed to more complete deal leadership responsibilities, becoming Director of Business Development for Medtronic Neuromodulation in 2008. Capitalizing on his broad, blue-chip deal experiences, Dr. Bright joined the leadership team of QuantaLife, Inc. in 2009 and drove the Company’s financing and strategic transaction initiatives through the successful trade-sale to Bio-Rad Laboratories in 2011. Dr. Bright spent more than 4 years serving as the only American Partner for Merieux Developement, with €220M under management. Isaac served briefly as Vice President of Corporate Development at Synthetic Biologics, Inc. in 2016, prior to supporting Muse bio’s $23M Series B Preferred Equity financing in early 2017.  Dr. Bright joined HealthTell as Chief Business Officer in April 2017, and drove the Company’s merger with PatientsLikeMe and iCarbonX, concomitant with the $10M Series A spin-out of RubrYc Therapeutics Inc., in March 2018.

Matthew P. Greving, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and VP, Technology

Dr. Greving has a passion for innovation and an awarded track record in commercialization of technologies that advance pharma and biotech discovery. Dr. Greving founded his first company 20 years ago to develop new software algorithms that made the large data stores housed on legacy mainframe systems accessible to modern internet-based systems. Many of the core algorithms he developed continue to serve as an architectural framework for today’s big data, highly-parallel transaction processing systems. In 2010 Dr. Greving completed his Ph.D. in Biochemistry. His thesis research produced some of the key innovations and intellectual property behind HealthTell’s Immunosignature technology for diagnostics. Dr. Greving completed his post-doctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) with a focus on metabolomics and high-throughput mass spectrometry. After his post-doctoral work, Dr. Greving founded Nextval, where he developed a new array-based mass spectrometry laboratory and software platform that set a new standard in high-throughput enzyme screening. Notably, his developments at Nextval resulted in receiving two prestigious innovation awards. First, The Society of Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2012 “Innovation of the Year Award” for his high-throughput drug toxicity screening platform. Second, R&D Magazine’s “2013 R&D 100 Oscar of Innovation” for his high-throughput enzyme screening platform. After successfully exiting Nextval, Dr. Greving joined HealthTell as a Principal Scientist to continue development on the Immunosignature technology. In addition, he initiated the R&D to apply HealthTell’s high-density library platform towards significantly advancing therapeutic discovery, which ultimately resulted in the spin-out of RubrYc.

Bill W. Colston, PhD

Executive Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. Colston started his career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), where he helped build one of the largest civilian biodefense programs in the country.  He left LLNL in 2008 to found a new company, QuantaLife Inc., where he and his team developed a highly accurate genetic analysis system called Droplet Digital PCR.  QuantaLife grew exponentially during his tenure as CEO and was sold to BioRad in 2011.  Shortly after his departure from BioRad, Dr. Colston helped found a new life sciences company, HealthTell Inc.  This exciting new venture has created a powerful new test for profiling an individual’s immune status and has formed partnerships to enable a new generation of diagnostics and therapies.  A prolific scientific writer and inventor, Dr. Colston sits on the Board of Directors for HealthTell, Rheonix, and Purigen Biosystems.

Mohan Srinivasan, Ph.D., was the Co-Founder and VP, Discovery R&D for RubrYc’s first year operating.